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Not yet for us may Christmas bring
Good-will to men, and peace;
In our dark sky no Angels sing,
Not yet the great release
For men, when war shall cease.
O'er death and pain triumphant yet
Bid thou thy harpers play,
That we may hear them, and forget
Sorrow and all dismay,
And welcome thee to stay
With us on Christmas Day.
-  A Christmas Prayer (From the Trenches) By Cyril Winterbotham


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New Site Launch17-Oct-2017

Welcome to the brand new MGVT website! WE hope you like it! A mobile version is currently being made..

07-Feb-2018Marriage Week
08-Mar-2018Mendel Day 2018
12-Mar-2018Empire Day!



About MGVT

Today, MGVT stands as the spiritual successor to the original stores founded in London, over 100 years ago. However, MGVT is inspired by more than its original roots.  We follow examples set by other great Englishmen including Cecil Rhodes, Mr Heywood and the Lever brothers - which is where we have taken our main goal from - to provide for you everything that makes life pleasant – nice houses, comfortable homes, and healthy recreation."


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