Join a company built on strong, proud ideals,

which honours the past and welcomes the future.

Our goal to provide everything that

makes life pleasant, means we are a great opportunity for any franchisee.

Unlike most other franchises, you now have the opportunity to choose which products to sell or services to provide. From gyms, to clothing to owning a bookstore, This is especially true if you are already making your own products. Its your choice, your new store, backed by our history.



We believe the most successful people are married. A husband & wife team is a sure recipe for future success. Which is why we offer a discreet matchmaking service for franchisees. Just select the option in the application form!

Building a Commonwealth of Shopkeepers

You were greatly offended with me for having called you a nation of shopkeepers. Had I meant by this, that you were a nation of cowards, you would have had reason to be displeased; even though it were ridiculous and contrary to historical facts; but no such thing was ever intended. I meant that you were a nation of merchants, and that all your great riches, and your grand resources arose from commerce, which is true. What else constitutes the riches of England. It is not extent of territory, or a numerous population. It is not mines of gold, silver, or diamonds. Moreover, no man of sense ought to be ashamed of being called a shopkeeper. - Napoleon

We want you to be really successful, indeed one of our favourite sayings is

"The best is yet to be".

So after you pass the selection process, your training will be extensive.

A minimum of nine months of training, and you can see why we only want to hear from people who share our passion, dedication and long-term goals.

You will know the culture, history and future of the company, and be religiously dedicated to helping achieve it.

But it won't stop with training at the start, you will attend the yearly conference,

be able to attend the various events and parties, and be in direct contact with the founder.


1. Apply


Make sure you’ve got all your financial details and references at hand – you’ll need this information to progress.


2. My first interview


This first meeting gives us a great chance to get to know you a bit better and find out why you want to join MGVT.


4. Experience/ Dedication


 This stage of the process will see the Founder/ Management spend five days with you. Going over your plans, vision, products and day to day life.


6. Second interview


This is where we test you on your knowledge & commitment to MGVT


Becoming an MGVT franchisee is an appealing opportunity, but it is also a big commitment. We ask for at least a 20 year commitment from you, with no other business interests.


    Stores cost between £200,000 and £500,000 to buy.

    You’ll need to provide 25% of the investment in unencumbered funds upfront – the rest can be funded through a bank loan.

    You’ll need to pay a one-off franchise fee of £30,000.

    Training costs of around £750.

    You’ll need to pay a refundable £5,000 security deposit when you start your training, which we’ll refund when you buy your first store.


   Monthly fees:

Service Fees & rent: 8% of sales

 Contribution to research & development based on profitability (usually up to 10%).

    Contribution to the national marketing spend – currently 4%.




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