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Selling on platforms such as Etsy can be more hard work than making your product itself. You can get drowned out by all the other, sometimes more established sellers. While MGVT actively promotes your products & encourages people to buy them when they buy other products in the store. Meaning you can concentrate on doing the thing you love most and watching your business grow.


Creating your own store on shopify also brings its own downfalls. It is in many ways even harder to get attention among all the other shopify stores, plus you have to manage the administration of your site and more, which all the while eats into the time that could be spent making and selling your product. Unlike Shopify, which has been known to withhold  peoples funds for random checks,- causing many people to default with suppliers effectively putting them out of business- once you are accepted as a Maker, then your journey with MGVT begins with little hassle and prompt payments.


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